Friday, August 31, 2012

G4G: Congratulations! Steam Group, Facebook Page Milestone Reached!

Congratulations to you, our Gifts 4 Gamers Group has reached 1000 members and our Facebook page has just about reached 500 likes! (I think we can get 1000 likes!) ;)

The Gifts 4 Gamers Steam group was created on the 15th of August 2012 and in just 2 weeks, we have already had such a huge response and enormous growth!

We have given away more than 10 copies of premium titles including DLC and we are not about to stop yet.

So... who's ready for a new giveaway to mark the 1000 members milestone?

Let's see if we can get our Facebook page to a milestone of 1000 Likes and one lucky Facebook fan will win a premium game and all DLC, within the next 48hrs!

Get to our page and start liking and sharing for your chance to win this exclusive milestone giveaway and forever be revered as one of our early winners.