Monday, August 27, 2012

G4G: The Winners of the Just Cause 2 Giveaway are...

The winners of the G4G Just Cause 2 giveaway are...

Congratulations to Entry #235 '京神',

Your entry for Like Us on Facebook was the first entry drawn in the entire competition and it has won you not just a copy of Just Cause 2 but the entire Just Cause Series and DLC from Gifts 4 Gamers!

These 5 runners-up each win a copy of Just Cause 2!
  1. Entry #159 Arttu K. Liked G4G on Facebook,
  2. Entry #316 Stefan M. Answered the question correctly,
  3. Entry #751 David R. Followed G4G on Twitter,
  4. Entry #4 POP3D Liked G4G on Facebook,
  5. Entry #878 James. Answered the question correctly.

Thank you for entering and enjoy the prizes courtesy of Gifts 4 Gamers' officer and sponsor, [j4x0r]C4mp3r.

Invalid entries drawn were disqualified. Be sure to always finish an objective as we check every entry. Record of all entries are located here.