Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition Contributor's Giveaway

Gifts 4 Gamers is now giving contributors a better chance of winning a Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition on Steam!

Update: Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition Entries Progress

About the Game: "Far Cry 3 is an open world first-person shooter set on an island unlike any other. A place where heavily armed warlords traffic in slaves. Where outsiders are hunted for ransom. And as you embark on a desperate quest to rescue your friends, you realize that the only way to escape this darkness… is to embrace it."

Since this is our first contributor giveaway of this nature, with your help, we will amend the rules to be as fair as possible. Here are the basic rules for now:

  • Each entry costs $1.00 +($0.35)*
  • *To cover Paypal's fee.
  • For every 50 entries, a copy of Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition will be given out to a random winner.
  • You can have up to 10 entries per available prizes.
  • 5-10 entries are discounted by using the widget below the single entry button.
  • This giveaway will run until the 31st of January 2013.
  • The giveaway event will be hosted at our exclusive G4G group for VIP contributing members only. NB: This group is strictly for members who have donated via Paypal.
  • Entrants and winners will be contacted by their Paypal entry email address within 24 hours.
  • Any queries can be directed to our Facebook admin who is willing to assist you promptly.

Enter the Far Cry 3 Deluxe Edition giveaway by using the donate button below.


Bulk entries (5-10):